Have you ever searched the web for maps for use in a publication? But only found maps in formats that are not scaleable (i.e. JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF ++)? Or maps that are hard to use in further editing? Or maps with annoying watermarks? Or maps that cost a lot of money? Well, here is a solution. On this site you will find lots of maps in Adobe Illustrator-format, that you can develop further to fit your needs. This format can also be read by the most common software for editing graphics. The maps are scalable, and every object within each map can be manipulated, as all the maps are vector-based. We have not even place a «copyright» mark on the maps. No need for signing up or leaving any email address or anything. Just download the maps you need. Many of the maps are pure political maps, but those with «Topo» in their names are also physical/topographic maps (with rivers, lakes, mountains and contour intervals). Political maps are simpler and easier to edit. And are more suitable for downsizing maps in publications (fewer details) and therefore better suited for photocopying. Topographic maps are, on the other hand, more suitable for larger illustrations and/or if you need more details.

All the maps are totally free to use in non-commercial publication, websites, thesis, fliers, articles and so on. If you, however, use some of the maps in a pure commercial project, we ask for a minor contribution. See «Prices» in the left menu. For supporting further development and map collecting, we encourage you to use either the like-button to the left or actually pay when using one of our maps in commercial projects.

The maps on this site come from various sources, but they are all made freely available from the creators. However, since the sources of the maps have focused on different themes, not all areas and countries of the world are covered. We therefore encourage you to submit your own maps for sharing with others. See «Uploading maps» in the menu.

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