FreeMaps is a non-commercial website for providing vector-based and editable maps for non-commercial use. The exception is when you use the maps in pure commercial projects. If you do so, we ask for a minor contribution. Otherwise, everything is free. See «Prices» in the left menu for buying a map.

We have tried to use the international standard for country names, and we encourage others to use this when sending maps to this site. See the ISO-website for more information:
ISO-standard. Areas covering more than one country or areas/cities within a country have, however, often a non-standard way of spelling. So take no responsibility for names and text on any maps that are not in line with any rules or recommendations. The maps are offered «as is».

Most of the maps are pure political maps, but those with «Topo» in their names are also physical/topographic maps. We also have some other maps ready for being published. So if you miss certain areas/countries, please let us know. Perhaps we have a map for you «in the drawer».

If you find any errors in any map, or have comment on the website, please send us an email. Use email-address at the bottom of the screen.

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