This site does not cover all countries or regions in the world. We therefore encourage everyone to send us their maps, if you have made some maps that you think others will find interesting.

Of course, the maps must not be under any kind of restrictions for further use, such as copyrights.

We can’t promise to publish every map that is send us. First and foremost it is no use to have two maps covering identical areas with the same information. Maps covering new areas/regions/countries will have highest priority. Second, when two maps covering the same area, we will choose the one with highest quality (most detailed coastline, roads etc.) or those withe more informations (more cities, names of places etc.).

Most of the maps on this site is pure political maps, but those with «Topo» in their names are also physical/topographic maps. We would very much like to expand the site with more physical or topographical maps, too. So if you have made maps with physical properties (mountains, rivers, valleys etc), don’t hesitate to send them in.

Send maps to

We can manage to convert maps from various formats, but if you can provide the maps in FreeHand (version 7 or higher) or Adobe Illustrator format, we would be grateful. Since this site is purely non-commercial we cannot offer any payment for uploaded maps. Only the satisfaction you will get when knowing that other values your work.

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