All the maps are free to use in non-commercial publication, websites, thesis, fliers, articles and so on. If you, however, use some of the maps in a pure commercial project, we ask for a minor contribution. This is for covering our expenses for bandwidth, hardware, etc. But we will not search the web for miss-use — only encourage everybody to pay for the use.

The suggested price for commercial use is USD 10 for an edition up to 1000 copies. For editions larger than 1000 copies we encourage you to just buy the map as many times you think is fair.

One special case is when you, as an author, are writing an article for a commercial journal. As an author, you usually don’t get much paid for an article in journals, and it would not be fair if you had to pay for using one of these maps. So we only encourage you to making the publisher aware of our policy: those who making the money should pay for the use of the maps.

We have not placed any limitations for use of the maps, as watermarks, lack of scale-abilty, etc. But we would very much like you to add our web address,, as source for your map in the publication — which is a good habit when publishing anyway!

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